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This jar is made in the traditional technique of coiling.  Sausage like rolls of clay are created and then joined to make the body of the pot.  Each section is smoothed in and when finished fired in the kiln.  These pots take a long time to make and I call it slow pottery.  

This jar makes a great addition to your garden as she can stand up as shown or looks equally as good lying down.  She is fully frost proof so can go out in your garden all year round. There is only one of these.

Ceramics inspired by nature, hand made in my Warwickshire studio. New items always for sale, workshops, classes and talks a pleasure. Why not book a visit and see the Studio Collection?

To see her please contact me to arrange your visit to the studio.  Due to her size this jar is collection only.

Please add her to cart and then follow the checkout process.  There is zero delivery charge as you will need to collect her from the studio.


  • Dimensions  H30cm x W20cm  Collection only.  Fully frostproof


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