NEW - Heart Candle Holder £35  plus p&p
A wonderful gift for yourself, an anniversary or a loved one. As the candle burns the heart openings create a soft glow. H12cm W14cm. Candle included.
Red boxed Ceramic Heart £17.50 each plus p&p
These beautifully embossed ceramic hearts make a wonderful gift. H14cmxW13cm They come in a box and can be posted as a large letter.
White boxed ceramic heart  £17.50 plus p&p
These beautifully embossed boxed hearts make a lovely gift. They come in a box and can be posted as a large letter H14cm x W13cm.
Heart necklaces £10 plus P+P
These ceramic necklaces are a wonderful edition to an outfit or will add a bit more love to your home. They are glazed on both sides and have an adjustable cotton thong so you can wear them at different lengths. These can be posted to yourself or directly to the recipient. No two necklaces are the same.
Daisy Heart necklaces £10 each plus p&p
These ceramic necklaces make a great addition to your wardrobe. On an adjustable thong and light to wear they make a great stocking filler. These can easily be posted to the recipient.
Colours may vary.
New - Ceramic bead necklaces £25 plus p&
These hand crafted bead necklaces come on an adjustable thong and can be posted to the recipient as a large letter. Choose from copper dots or the red an copper design to compliment your outfit.
Heart Jugs from £25 plus p+p
Naughty cream, flowers or just lovely to look at these jugs come in 3 sizes. The hearts are on both sides and they come with the white heart tag attached. These can be posted but you may prefer to collect. Every jug is slightly different.
Heart coasters £10 each plus p&p
These heart coasters come with a cork backing to protect your furniture. They are sold individually or in a pack of 2 for £15 plus p+p. Every tile is slightly different.
New - Honesty coasters £10 each or £18 for a pair plus p&p
I grow honesty in my garden every year and i love its transparency as it matures. These coasters are cork backed and are 10cm square.
Sold out   New - Poppy seed head coasters £10 each plus p&p
Inspired by the poppies in my garden these coasters are created using actual seed heads. Measuring 10cm square and corked backed they have a touch of Rennie Mackintosh about them. Singles £10 pack of 2 £18. plus p&p
New  Fennel seed head coasters £10 each plus p&p
In the garden we have a large fennel plant that comes up every year. These is my interpretation of them in the wind. 10cm square . Cork backed.
New Fern coasters £10 each  plus p&p
Inspired by the bog garden at Upton House (National Trust) these coasters are elegant and practical. They are also cork backed. 10cm square. Each one is different.
Ceramic hanging Robins £6.50 each
Who doesn't love a robin?
These cheeky chappies hang from your christmas tree or wreath. Each one is individual. Approx size H6cm x L4cm.
Robin Jugs from £25 plus p&p
These jugs are both practical to use and fun.
3 sizes available.
300ml £25
400ml £30
500ml £38
and they come with a small ceramic heart.
Single Robin Coaster £10 pk of 2 £18
Ceramic coaster backed with cork to protect your furniture.
Robin Tea Towel  £12.00 each plus p&p
Flying off the line!!!!
Made of quality cotton.
Hanging loop.
Hemmed on four sides. Care label.
These quality tea towels make a great edition to any home.
Bee Jugs from £25 each plus p&p
One of the most important insects in our gardens these bee jugs give a real buzzzzz.
Small 300ml £25
Medium 400ml £30
Large 500ml £38
Bee Bowl from £25 plus p&p
Great with porridge and honey. These fab bowls measure approx
D 6 inches
Depth 2.5 inches
Bee Coaster £10 each plus p&p
Supporting our bees. Cork backed 10cm ceramic coaster. Also available to order without backing for tiling on walls.
Bee Tea Towels £12.00 each plus p&p
Fab cotton/linen mix. Made in the UK. Available to post for £1.95
Cotswold Edge Bowls from £25
Inspired by the view from my studio these bowls come in many sizes and can be made to order.
Cotswold Edge Jugs from £25
Approx sizes as they are all hand made.
Small 300ml £25
Medium 400ml £30
Large 500ml £38
Coasters £10 each  pk 2 for £18 plus p&p
Cotswold Edge Coasters 10cm (4inch) square.
Corked backed. Available individually or in packs of 4. Available to order unbacked for mounting on walls.
Sold Out - Chicken Jugs from £25 plus p&p
These jugs come in three sizes, and are great for hot and cold liquids. They also look great with flowers. Each one is slightly different as they are all handmade.
300ml £25
400ml £30
500ml £38
Chicken bowl  £25 plus p&p
These lovely bowls are charming and can be made to order in different sizes. Contact me for more information
Chicken Coasters £10 each pk 2 £18 plus p&p
Cork backed to protect your furniture these make a lovely edition to your home. Tied with raffia and finished with a ceramic heart.
Chicken Tea Towels £12.00 each plus p&p
Great addition to the chicken range. These tea towels are made from a cotton/linen mix in the UK and can be posted for £1.95.
Box for Cristmas Decs £25 per box plus p&p
Handmade Christmas decorations to enhance your tree. 4 decorations in each box. Items can be posted as a large letter. Colours and designs may change. £25 per box plus p&p. Boxes approx 15cm square.
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